HDR10+ looks broken on N2?

Looks like HDR10+ is not working anymore? My Vertex 2 doesn’t report HDR+ for Alita Battle Angel & others when played on the N2 (the original not the Plus)

It plays correctly on my Oppo and Vertex reports it as HDR+

Running CE

Apologies if i have missed any reports on this.

Is HDR to SDR setting in CoreElec settings set to Auto?

Tone Map HDR to SDR is set to Off.

Shame, I got excited there for a sec.

Checked it all e2e, tested a few more titles and definitely broken :frowning:

I don’t know exactly which CE release it broke in as only just noticed but happy to try previous versions up to the one it got fixed in if someone tells me how.


You need to set both options to Auto and then reboot.

Thank you!

I did that but while HDR+ is now shown, the GUI & SDR material is washed out. I experimented and by setting SDR to HDR OFF and HDR to SDR Auto all good :slight_smile:

Curious to know why this setting makes HDR10+ work though? I would have thought that if no tone mapping is needed/wanted, then OFF would be the correct setting in both cases?

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