Headphones with AV Out?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use headphones with the 3.5mm analog “AV Out” port? I’ve tried simply plugging the headphones in and making sure the audio device was set to the analog PCM output in settings, but that did nothing… audio still came out of the TV speakers. Besides trying that, I wouldn’t know how to enable it even if it was possible. I doubt it would work anyway as the output probably isn’t strong enough to drive headphones; although, I do have a cheap FiiO portable headphone amp I could try with it.

I work 2nd shift so when I get home it’s hard to watch movies without disturbing others in my house - especially action movies now-a-days, where the dialog is barley audible but the explosions and such are at “11” - so it would be nice to use a headset. My old Plasma, unfortunately, does not have an analog out, just digital. I don’t have an AV receiver that I could use either. I’ve thought about saving up to purchase one just for this use, but I have three crazy kids who like to get into and destroy everything, so the less expensive stuff I have around, the better.

Thanks in advance for any help\suggestions!

I’ve used Bluetooth Headphones on my Tanix TX7 which may be a good option depending on your hardware.

Another options, if your box has optical out is to get a $5 DAC and connect your headphones to it.