Hello and Thank You!

This is my first post on this forum and also my first device to install CE.

I have to say that I am very impressed at the speed your os runs on an old q-box (s905 2/16) that I picked up for a song. It did not have its original remote but I have a few rf mouse-motes (lol new phrase ?) kicking around so was not concerned.

After reading the devs warnings about no support on this device if i “installtointernal”, I decided to take a chance anyway as I considered it disposable (and had a factory rom copy up my sleeve).

Well, holy jumpin fanart ! It runs really slick, and with Transparency! skin and 2700 movies cataloged from my nas. Super responsive and light feeling.

I also discovered by accident (leaned on the MCE remote for my pc based kodi) that it responds to an MCE remote using the internal IR sensor and no configuration required. What a bonus !

I now plan to gift this device with an MCE remote and USB HDD to my trusty mechanic who is great with a wrench but impatient with a remote :slight_smile:

Thank you for keeping devices like this alive and runnig so well !

I also love that the stupid glowy ring now stays a solid blue while “on” (instead of rotating through 3 colours) and turns green when “sleeping”.
I just have to figure out how to get the MCE remote to power it back on after putting it to sleep with the power button on the remote. My guess is that the hardware is looking for that signal from the original remote …

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I recognize your amazement from when I first got familiar with this fantastic project some time ago :slight_smile:

It’s really been a great joy following progress; devs are doing an awesome job.

Oh, and concerning the poweron from remote: this can most likely only be done with the signal the original remote sends.
What I did (at least on some devices) is use a remote that’s capable of ‘learning’ this code, copying from the original remote before binning it :smiley:
But I mostly leave the device on 24/7 since they consume an insanely small amount of power.

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