[HELP] Odroid N2+ cooling fan

Hi guys,

I installed the fan for my odroid N2+ only it stays still, it doesn’t spin.
Does something special have to be done in CoreElec to make the fan go?


Can you please elaborate? About fan: where did you get it, how do you connect it to the GPIO, other fans work? :slightly_smiling_face:

i have this :

and I connected it like this :

maybe i need to enable something in coreelec or install some package?

There is one option for fan in CoreELEC settings.

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The requisite condition to get it to spin up is usually to generate enough heat that the crazy big heatsink can’t dissipate the heat quickly enough on its own. I’ve only managed to accomplished this once, in EmuELEC, emulating Sega Saturn games.

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unfortunately I can’t find the option, I looked everywhere but I don’t see it at all… would you be so kind to show me where it is?

thank you very much

Under Hardware, Fan, Fan mode.

But i don’t have fan option :

True, on N2 fan is set on by default and you don’t have to do anything.

so does that mean that if the cpu/gpu temperature gets too high the fan will automatically kick in?

Try and report back :slight_smile:

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Take a look here Bitrate test, download some heavy stuff, minimum 200mbps and let them play for a couple of minutes. And please monitor the temp with watch cputemp in ssh console, so you can see when the fan starts to spin.

I think it should start spinning at 65°C and full speed at 75°C.

I managed to spin the Fan for a few seconds in stress tests on Linux and Android.
It is almost impossible to reach 65 C, I am not exaggerating. You need to do very long stress tests. and you can make it spin for a few seconds.
So you will hardly need the Fan, but you can be sure that it will work when needed.

I understand that it starts automatically but is there a setting (even in boot mode) to make it always stay at 40%?

Between the odroid and raspberry I have 2 constant heaters that heat the room :slight_smile:

You do realize that the heat output doesn’t change by adding a fan, right? Even with a fan you will still have the same (or more) amount of heat dumped into the room.
Also, the N2+ doesn’t get hot, and doesn’t use enough power to “heat up” anything, unless you literally live in a shoe box.


You definitely don’t need a fan,the n2 will never get that hot

Wondering if no fan is needed even if you overclock the N2+?

Only using it for rendering,compiling or transcoding over extended periods would warrant the use of a fan on the N2.


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I use it with OC 2.4mhz on Ubuntu and Android, except CE.
Even at 30C in summer, temperatures between 40-50C.

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