Help to choose Dolby Vision box

I need a new CoreELEC box to play Dolby Vision. Of the 4 boxes mentioned, RockTek G2 is not available on amazon Europe.

I can get only
-Nokia 8010
-Homatics Box R 4K Plus
-Dune HD Homatics Box R 4K Plus

What are the differences? Nokia is 1/3 cheaper but I read that you can’t power it on with the remote. Is that still the case?

Homatics looks awful. I can’t buy that color.

Dune HD Homatics is the most expensive but I don’t need the Dune software.

I tend more to Nokia but if you can’t power it on with remote that’s a problem.

Also, is this the case that there are no MicroSD slots and you will lose one USB port to have CoreELEC?

Please help me to choose and which box has problems that I don’t know.

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