Help with bluetooth remote hwdb

I just got a Zidoo V10 Bluetooth remote:-

I can pair it fine but only about half of the buttons work, the most noticeable one that doesn’t work is the center select/enter button.

I followed this wiki page remote:rr_bluetooth [CoreELEC Wiki] for creating a hwdb config, evtest detects the ok button and reports it as c0041

I created this hwdb file:-

# Zidoo V10

Then ran:-

udevadm hwdb --update
udevadm trigger -s input
reboot now

But the buttons still don’t work, any help please.

Typical… 2 minutes after posting I figure it out.

If the Bus, Vendor, Product or Version is a hex value that contains a letter then it needs to be uppercase.

evdev:input:b0005v2b54p1600* - fails

evdev:input:b0005v2B54p1600* - works

This information should really be in the wiki to save others running into this problem.

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Thank you for letting us know. Our WiKi content has been updated accordingly.

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@Betatester Thanks :+1:

There’s one more small error on that page, in the save changes to the database section:- remote:rr_bluetooth [CoreELEC Wiki]

The first command is missing an extra ‘-’ minus sign:-

udevadm hwdb –update

should be

udevadm hwdb –-update

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Yeah that is interesting because markdown is clearly set to use preformatted text:

''udevadm hwdb --update''

yet it shows as – a solid line. Might be the font used by the browser.

Solved by marking the text block as sourcecode to avoid confusion.

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