Hide c at the bottom right corner on discourse.coreelec.org

I wish there is a way to hide it. It really covers a lot of space at the bottom especially on mobile. I don’t think it is required at all times.

Yes, agreed…

It is required at all time. Because normally a cookie control purpose is to revoke a choice made at all times. Unfortunately it is very intrusive on mobiles I agree. Help is welcome.

As Ray already mentioned, it is required to have it enabled all the time.
With the current solution we can only move it to the left, but then the “reply” button, when answering a topic, is covered by it.
I will search for another solution, but for the moment it has to stay like it is.

I have not seen it on any other website. You can put it either in the menu or the header or footer of the website.

In my opinion, it is a very poor implementation of cookie control. It just looks horrible, either on the left or right.

I got it @codwapeace - you hate it, and I already promised to look for another solution.
But please understand, that we can’t remove it right now, just because you are complaining.
It is legally necessary to offer a way to control cookies.


The annoying triangle is now gone and replaced with a classical banner on the bottom of the site.
After confirming it with the “Got it” button it doesn’t appear again on the same device for a few days.
So you have the full screen of your mobile (and any other) device available again.


thanks, @relkai

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Farewell Triangle C, we hardly knew ye…

I miss C already :face_with_monocle:

lol…I can re-add it, if you are already missing it so badly. :sweat_smile:


Haha. Thanks. Much better now.

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