High Bitrates on S905X Device


I’m a user of the Mini M8S and until last year I ran it with LibreElec. Since there won’t be any updates for my kind of device any more I changed to CoreElec so far it’s working really good for me.
I’ve noticed one issue with video files that have a rather high average bitrate. I haven’t fugured out the exact hight but it probably starts above 20 MBit/s.
If I press pause and wait for over 10 seconds until the “Netflix-Style” pause screen pops up and then press play again audio is going on while video freezes. After about 5 to 7 seconds later video leaps forward and gets in sync with audio again to play normaly further on.
Video files with lower average bitrates at around 10 MBit/s don’t show that issue and I can’t recall having had it with one of the LibreElec builds.

I have to mention that I run CoreElec from internal storage. I have CoreElec 9.2.0 on an usb drive and playing the same file doesn’t show this issue. I know, CoreElec doesn’t give support for running it on internal but the day to day experience running it from my usb drive is not so great. It’s not as smooth and I have often menu hangups that won’t go on for 10 seconds or more.

I really hope some day this issue will be resolved. I don’t want to go back to using LibreElec.

This issue was fixed in nightly builds already

Just to be clear, you mean one of the nighly builds after 9.2.1?
So if I update my stable version to nightly or wait for 9.2.2 stable the issue won’t apear any more?

Nope. Just updated to the latest nightly. Same issue. It realy seems to only affect CoreElec installs to internal memory. But my USB Stick seems to be to slow for smooth navigating through menus and I don’t wand to buy an extra micro-sd card that’s fast enough.
I will have to avoid high bitrate videos or jump back 10 seconds after pause so I won’t miss anything from the show.