HK1 BOX (s905X3) Boot from SD


I have a HK1 BOX with only CoreELEC installed on EMMC/NAND.
Is it possible to boot from ssh to armbian written on an SD card?
I’m looking for a command line to do that.

Maybe question for Armbian forum?

But I’m running CorelELEC and I want to issue a (reboot update) equivalent command.

If you have SD card inserted it will boot from it.

But from what I read Armbian is not compatible with default boot methods CoreELEC is using. That’s why people at Armbian can help you more because I doubt anyone here is using Armbian.

So if I write EmuELEC on the SD card and power cycle the box will boot to EmuELEC?
What about manjaro for arm?

No idea - same as with Armbian. Why not try and see what happens?

I’ll do that and report back here.

EmuELEC worked.
Manjaro 21.03 for vim3 didn’t work.
Thanx again

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