Homatics Box R 4K Plus

Wrong dtb file?
Did you picked one from folder after creating CE image on usb?

correct , i m able to boot once and able to run local files, it is just when i suspend/reboot i have issues

It was not clear what was going on with the update. So I asked and I got a confirmation that the update should have been pushed to every Homatics R Plus box now. But that is not correct I reported back, I also still got one on the latest Final V4674 build. Although I have several others that are on V5310, also my CE box, those were pushed as beta on serialnumber of the box, not on auto.

ill try again today and report back (:
also if i can upgrade Atv ill test if the purple/green tint of DV content will go away in CE :smiley:

It’s not there now for my box on V4674. Maybe when they come back to work in China tomorrow.

Edit: received the new updated R Plus box (Rosegold) this evening, that got the V5310 update offered during first setup. So the update is alive, but not for all R Plus boxes it seems.

I requested mine to have the firmware update made available and they did.

Just email support@homatics.com with your serial number and ask for the firmware update to be made available.

It is still not clear to me when issue occur. If after suspend/resume then don’t expect much help because this feature is just not supported.

even reboot from menu is similar result.

Try a different USB memory stick vendor and type.

Hey all!

I have got a little problem with my nokia 8010 with CE installed. Everytime I plug in my power to start my tv, my onkyo receiver and my nokia box, the nokia box only shows a coloured screen. Seems like a HDMI handshake issue. I have to pull the nokias powerplug and restart it again to get the handshake correctly done. Is this a known problem and is there a solution?

You must first power on the tv, than the receiver and the box.

yep i have that too.
Basically a one button for your home cinema is currently not possible :confused:
but the devs are pretty active here <3
i just added a remote power plug to the homatics box. (and yeah indeed its again a 2nd remote in the living room xD my wife is not amused about it)

ok will try and report

btw do i need to format specific format like ntfs, exfat ? current one is ntfs


Thanks for kind support and patience, i did try a new usb stick and it seems i m getting a new issue/side effect. Now i m pretty much on default settings and when i turn off my whole system using sony tv remote, it does turn off everything(tv, soundbar, and dune box) and light goes to red from green, but after sometime it wakes the whole system up and turn to green light again
Is this due to some timer settings or some background activity waking things up

Is there a key combination I need to use after Firmware update from Homatics it seems not to be booting from the Corelec Image on USB Stick?


Just found this and it rings a bell

‘Also called the “toothpick method”.
Disconnect the power supply, insert boot media, push and hold the reset button while connecting the power.
Wait until the CoreELEC logo appears, then release the reset button.’

Will try this later

Once this method, every time there is a Android TV OS update for the box.

Once this method, every time there is a Android TV OS update for the box

Yup just done the pin method, All working

adb shell reboot update is easiest. Of course, USB debugging must be enabled first.