How can I become a better CoreELEC tester?

Hi guys,

I’d like to help out the community as much as I can, but I simply don’t know the ins/outs of testing.

For the most part, when I play a 4K HDR movie, my OLED TV flashes the HDR pop-up (upper right corner) and my AV receiver displays the audio signal being used. That’s how I know everything is “working”… pretty lame, I know lol.

Are there any other tools I should/could be using to actually confirm and/or determine that all is working properly?

For example, if I play a movie file, how can I tell what format the file is?
How do I know that the file is actually playing correctly?
How do I know when something is Off/weird?
What exactly do you guys look for?

Although my TV is capable of playing Dolby Vision, I know the N2 isn’t.
I’d like to throw a few of these file at it and see what is does.

I’d also like to test a few HDR10+ files to see what happens as my TV is an LG.
Same goes with audio testing. If I play an Atmos, Dolby HD, or DTS HD movie, how can I tell that the N2 is properly playing these files? How can I tell that something is wrong?

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