How can I move on from this app shows?

The monitor shows only this, how can I start?
We are using this player for desital sinage.

Do I need to get some file from you?

Hope I get prompt reply.


I just saw the link. Which one should I download?

Sorry about the last reply.
We are using,
Amlogic S905X up to 2.0 GHz ARM Quad-core A53 64bit media+Octo-Core Mali-450 GP
Andriod OS is 6.0.

All is written here:

Android 7.1 or greater is required to install CoreELEC

I am sorry I could not get how to move on from that jaguar app.
Do you mean if we install software again so that we can move on from
jaguar app shows?
Could you please guide in detail.
I am not an engineer so would like to have more guide.

Your “Jaguar APP” is the boot logo of your hardware.
So continue with wiki and make a clean fresh CoreELEC install.

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