How can I use tether as hotspot

I’d like to use Coreelec as a hotspot.

  1. I’ve changed wired ip address to
  2. I’ve enabled tether.
    but I still cannot use my laptop or smartphone to connect the hotspot.

What should I do?

It doesn’t work with all wireless chipsets.

I don’t know which chipset I use. It’s phicomm N1.
But armbian works.

We don’t produce the builds for Phicomm N1, these are 3rd party unofficial builds and as such we can not provide any support for them.

well, it was not n1’s problem, but coreelec’s.
I searched a lot, and finally find a way.
just execute “ip link set dev wlan0 master tether”, it works!


Thank u for your advice.
I use PHICOMM N1 too. and got the same problem.

I confirm that this works on Mecool KIII Pro (S912). I have already included this command in /storage/.config/