How does CoreELEC work in detail and what are the risks on the long term?

Hello everybody.

CoreELEC is a system that runs on Linux.

With a trick by downloading Chrome OS it allows you to have Google Widevine DRM.

But how exactly does it go for Netflix certification? Considering that this allows to have netflix in full hd?

Is it possible one day that this blocked by Google? (I do not think so)

Is it possible that one day it will be blocked by Netflix? No, not possible ? Or is it possible but unlikely?

Thank you everyone !

Netflix has already partly blocked Widevine from Chrome OS with L3 DRM. Using NF addon you get only “Software decoding” and none of devices using L3 DRM are certified by Netflix. You can see that only some NF streams are reproduced in HD-1080p, and most are only in SD resolutions. Read the Reference table of high resolutions on developers site
Netflix is constantly working on blocking all not authorized users, so everything can be expected


with the drm L3 and Coreelec we can have 1080p for some videos otherwise it’s HD 720p rather (not SD).

Yes, some; usually most native Netflix material -> see Reference table of high resolutions on developers site:

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