How often are binary addons updated in CoreELEC?


How often do you recompile/update the binary addons in CoreELEC?

Take as an example the pvr.mythtv addon - latest version in CoreELEC repository is, but source code release is up to 5.8.19 at the time of writing this.

Do you take requests for updating specific addons, or do you have automated update intervals?

I’m actually waiting for an updated version, resolving a specific issue on 32-bit platform like this, so I’m hoping an updated version is available soon.


We usually update addons with every new release.
We can technically do it in between releases too, but it can introduce issues, so we prefer not to do that. Unless there’s a valid reason for the update.

Well I suppose general bug fixes would be valid reason, but I guess if CoreELEC releases new versions fairly often, then there should be no need for out-of-band releases.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: