How to access Windows media using Docker apps

I am Using the Emby docker (works great), but Emby can NOT access any of my media stored on a Windows machine…
Any suggestions?? thanks

Mount your shares following the instructions Mount Network Share - and make sure it is working before messing with Docker. Then configure the Docker drive mapping on Docker start command.

If your files need transcoding you will probably have issues on any CE machine even an N2+

Thanks for this information. Was hoping there was an easier solution. Back a few years ago, when I was using tvheadend for my DVR, I had to do all of that, using putty. Still have the documentation on my desktop.

Every version of Amlogic, I HAVE to test for capabilities of being a server. It is an addiction.

Where is the Docker running?

I run it on a NAS so I had to configure mount points on the base system, then I had to get into SSH and work out where in the file system I could see the mount so I could pointt docker at that.

This link was helpful.

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