How to boot from Coreelec

How to boot from Coreelec?
I have install Coreeelc to SD card. My Khadas Vim has Superceleron Android TV installed. When I boot, it always boot to android.


I have Khadas Vim 1 and this is the versio that I use. CoreELEC-KVIM.arm-8.90.3

I install to sd card using libreelec official tool.

60+ views and no reply? Nobody knows how to install coreelec?

If it boots only to Android, go to Play Store and download “Reboot to LibreELEC” app. Run the app to reboot to SD card…, should work.

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:grinning: Most people have devices with a reset switch that they use while rebooting after installation (first time) which initialises the SD booting feature. It appears that you need to use a different trick

No reboot with reset pressed works on the VIM’s.


I managed to boot to Coreelec. Im using Khadas Vim.
Heres what I do.

  1. Power VIM with psu(not connected to windows)
  2. Hold power button(rightmost button)
  3. Press reset button(leftmost button)(dont hold)
  4. Wait until you see Coreelec logo before releaseing power button

So far so good.