How to compile CoreELEC 19.0 Matrix

cmd:PROJECT=Amlogic ARCH=aarch64 DEVICE=AMLGX make image

print info:
./scripts/image mkimage

 Configuration for CoreELEC (community)

 Buildsystem configuration:
 - CPU (ARCH):				 cortex-a53 (aarch64)
 - FLOAT:				 
 - FPU:					 
 - CPU features:			 64bit neon
 - LTO (Link Time Optimization) support: yes
 - GOLD (Google Linker) Support:	 yes
 - LLVM support:			 no
 - DEBUG:				 no
 - CFLAGS:	 -march=armv8-a+crc+fp+simd -mabi=lp64 -Wno-psabi -mtune=cortex-a53 -mno-outline-atomics -Wall -pipe 
 - LDFLAGS:	 -march=armv8-a+crc+fp+simd -mtune=cortex-a53 -Wl,--as-needed

 Misc. hardware configuration:
 - ALSA support:			 yes
 - Pulseaudio support:			 yes
 - Bluetooth support:			 yes
 - Include firmware:			 dvb-firmware
 - Include firmware:			 brcmfmac_sdio-firmware
 - Include firmware:			 kernel-firmware

 Misc. Filesystems:
 - Swap Support:			 yes
   - Swapfile default size:		 128
 - exFAT Support (via Fuse):		 yes
 - NTFS Support (via Fuse):		 yes
 - Install HFS Tools:			 yes

 Network service configuration:
 - Avahi (Zeroconf) support:		 yes
 - NFS mounting support:		 yes
 - SAMBA mounting support:		 yes
 - SAMBA server support:		 yes
 - SFTP server support:			 yes
 - OpenVPN support:			 yes
 - WireGuard support:			 yes

 Graphic configuration:
 - OpenGL (GLX) support (provider):	 no (no)
 - OpenGLES support (provider):		 yes (mesa)
 - VAAPI Support:			 no
 - VDPAU Support:			 no

 OS configuration:
 - OEM Support:				 no
 - Default ROOT Password:		 coreelec
 - Bootloader:				 u-boot
 - UDevil support:			 yes
 - Installer support:			 no
 - Include package:			 dtc
 - Include package:			 ethmactool

 Kodi Hardware configuration:
 - Video Acceleration provider:		 mesa
 - Remote support:			 yes
 - CEC Adapter support:			 yes
 - CEC Framework support:		 yes
 - Kodi Joystick support:		 yes

 Kodi Software configuration:
 - Kodi Blu-ray support:		 yes
   - Blu-ray BD+ support:		 yes
   - Blu-ray AACS support:		 yes
 - Kodi DVDCSS support:			 yes
 - Kodi Airplay support:		 yes
 - Kodi Airtunes support:		 yes
 - Kodi NFS support:			 yes
 - Kodi MySQL support:			 mariadb
 - Kodi Optical Drive support:		 yes
 - Kodi SAMBA client support:		 yes
 - Kodi UPNP support:			 yes
 - Kodi Webserver support:		 yes
 - Include Skin:			 Estuary
 - Default Skin:			 Estuary
 - Include extra fonts:			 yes

 End Configuration for CoreELEC

  File "scripts/", line 370, in <module>
    REQUIRED_PKGS = processPackages(args, ALL_PACKAGES)
  File "scripts/", line 299, in processPackages
    raise Exception(msg)
Exception: Invalid package reference: dependency CoreELEC-settings in package mediacenter::PKG_DEPENDS_TARGET is not valid
Parallel build failure - see log for details. Time of failure: Mon Mar 15 02:15:42 PDT 2021
Makefile:12: recipe for target 'image' failed

make: *** [image] Error 1

Has anyone encountered this problem before?

use “make image” directly!!!

Yes, just clone and checkout coreelec-19 and run make

May I ask you a question?
What if I want to change the kernel source code?
I should add patch file in this directory “CoreELEC-19.0-Matrix/projects/Amlogic-ce/devices/Amlogic-ng/patches/linux” or git clone kernel source code from

The location is correct, yes

You mean patch it?

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