How to configure IR remote control


Remote conf no longer works. There is a new method. which you will find if you search the forum. However, someone suggested I use the Mecool KIII profile on the Logitech database which works well.


Got it al sorted out. Used the MECOOL KIII PRO device on my harmony instead of PIVOS and it worked out of the box, no need to change anything else. Did have to edit a few buttons but all good now. Thanks.


Since the new version CE 8.95.6, my previous “trick” of setting up the Logitech Harmony as a MeCool KIII Pro doesn’t work anymore because they disabled out-of-the-box support for MeCool devices. It can still be enabled using SSH commands, but I’m looking for the perfect out-of-the-box solution, so I’m investigating replacing the Harmony setup of Mecool KIII Pro with one of the many variants of MCE IR remotes… A few of them work out of the box… I will see which one is the best as a replacement and I’ll report my findings… unless someone already knows the ideal MCE IR remote…