How to disable the new home screen " Relases Notes :CoreElec 9.2.1 "

Hi folks

I’m the happy owner of a beelink GT1 ultimate which work perfectly with the new Coreelec upgrade 9.2.1 except one thing :

the boot switch on a new home screen which read :

" Release Notes : CoreELEC 9.2.1

CoreELEC 9.2.1 is now available, bringing with it Kodi v18.5, along with some new additions and a number of small bug fixes that we identified thanks to feedback received from users in our forums.

Changes since 9.2.0:

added 4K GUI scaling toggle for G12 devices
added internal dual boot support for G12 devices *
added SoC model name to system information 

and so one … "

How to disable this screen ? I tried all that I could but nothing worked …
Any help would be appreciate …

Reboot from the shutdown menu. It should only appear once after an update, not every time you boot CE.

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Your trick was very simple but very useful …
In fact , I always shutted down all my devices with a main switch without using the shutdown menu and therefore never shutted down my Beeling GT1 properly …
Thanks to you !