How to get a backup of all 9.0.1 Addons

I use 9.0.1 because its the last Version where “Sync Playback To Display” works.
Now i want to get all CoreELEC Add-ons because i don’t know what i need in the future.
So how to get a backup of all 9.0.1 Addons.

For some reason it shows 9.0.2 but they work in 9.0.1 too:

I want to access “” or “” or “
But i only get 404.

Any possiblity to disable this 404 thing for some days so i can make a complete backup?
I mean, how big are all addons ? 1, 2 or 3 GB?

With 9.0.1 I have found my “final” version now, but i want to be prepared for the future by having all addons for it.

thank you.

why not just backup your current addons and user data folder and restore it again? seems rather excessive to want to backup all addons. Why do you think that installing new addons is going to break sync playback to display

Repo sites are not directly browsable, besides other security reasons to prevent bandwitch consumption. Here you have 9.0.1 addons.

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1000x thank you. :slight_smile:

mfizz: i will use 9.0.1 now for a very long time.
so, for example in 2 years i switch my pvr supplier from dvbviewer to mediaportal then i need the right addon to use it with my oldskool 9.0.1.
now i have the addons and would be able to use it.

i mean i don’t give up the hope that in the next few months a new version will show up where sync playback works again, but you never know. 9.0.1 works very good on my u1. better than on the other china boxes (a95x and t95 max) i had before.