How to get the background video to front?

i often have the problem that i get the playing video in background and the menu in front.
i then have to press many times “back” until i exited all screens so the video comes back to front.
is there some simple way to do it without leaving all the screens?

example: i am in /media/myUsbHdd/dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4/video.mpg
i click on video.mpg, nothing happens, so i click “back” to see if the system is frozen.
it is not, the video starts playback but is now in background and i am in /media/myUsbHdd/dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4
now i have to click 7 times “back” until the video is back again in full screen

this is just a synthetic example, i have this also very often with tv streams because cec sometimes is broken

You need to program one of your remote keys to trigger the Kodi command for fullscreen video.
Keymap editor is the tool to do this with.
Once programmed it will go to fullscreen video from where ever you are in the GUI.


The highlighted button in the side menu will also bring you back to full screen playback.

Use a Confluence skin, where you can have video playing in the background with the GUI being an overlay, where you can switch from background to front with a single click.

It is a sadly missing feature in Estuary.

It is not; I do it all the time on Estuary skin.

Pray tell how because it does not do so by default.

Hehe, you have to have “proper tools” to control your devices. I use Rii mini i8+ WiFi keyboard. It has a mouse pad with which you position mouse pointer to top right corner and click (once) on
> and it immediately switches display to the video that’s playing.

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