How to Play a stream

When I want to play a stream from a list of services I click on Play which downloads a link which I have to open with a selected application. Is there a different option?

Can the Play icon be programmed to automatically launch an application directly?

Use a web browser that allows what you want!

Such as… I use Chromium.

What are we talking about here exactly?
What “Play icon”? What “application”? How are you playing “a stream”?
There are no browsers in CoreELEC, because there is no real windowing system (such as x11) implemented for ARM processors. Perhaps it will be possible down the line with mainline, but that’s a long way off.

I’m referring to the Tvheadend web page>Configuration->DVB Inputs->Services->Play

Is there a way to launch, say VLC, when clicking on Play.

What happens here is that clicking on Play downloads a link which then have to open with an application. I would prefer to launch that application rather than downloading the link.

Is this doable?

I’m using Chromium 73.0.3683.103

This has nothing to do with CoreELEC, to be honest. It’s something that depends on your browser, OS and on how the Tvheadend web service is implemented.

If I remember correctly, the TVH web interface doesn’t use HTML5 to play videos, but VLC instead.
Try to install VLC and its browser plugin.
Not sure, if it will work in Chrome, since they seem to be very restrictive regarding external plugins in their recent releases.

To play m3u of tvheadhed directly is easy using Firefox, Edge, etc. This topic seems a bit stupid and it also seems that nobody reads my comments How to Play a stream

Slightly off topic but you could also just export the play list and open it in some other program directly, like the above mentioned vlc. http://<ip_address>:9981/playlist&username=user&password=psw