How to run CoreElec on internal memory eMMC on NG boxes (S905X2, S922X) having full operating Android system too

Does it start by default from sd card after reboot on A95X Max?
If no then it possible you need to install or start CE again via reset button on sd card.
Also check that aml_autoscript file present on sd card…

New nightly SD installation works fine.
ceemmc single mode black screen at start of boot.
in dual mode only the android starts. aml_autoscript okay.

Thanks for the info

Thank you Emerson
Just tested on X96Max 4/64 and work rly great with latest Xannytech Android TV V311P firmware , very responsive and fast Coreelec

I don’t know how it installs to the internal memory, but after removing the sd card
CoreELEC does not start, the partition is done and that’s it
it doesn’t work without a memory card

If you don’t have A95X boxes…

i don’t have, i have gt mini

CoreELEC: ~ # ceemmc -h
-sh: ceemmc: not found
CoreELEC: ~ #

You need to use latest nightly as minimum for this feature.

This system uses the SD card to boot.

Thanks for the answer
I checked nightly and has a disadvantage, constantly displaying update.
This is not very pleasant

it certainly doesn’t speed things up

it certainly doesn’t speed things up

An SD disk image was made for easy installation.

The installation is started with the installemmcsystem command.
Entware and some remote and vfd conf have been integrated.
Details here..


Also available on old S905-912 boxes.


In that case you can wait for next stable soon…

Read the card for 2 seconds and then run from the eMMC. Boot time is 9 seconds.

Not enough space on Android data partition. Exiting!

Old version clean / vipe partition = Done

Thanks for the great work. I have a Beelink GT mini-A and everything went well. Installation fast and coreelec also faster.
Just a question- couldn’t the storage be split between Android and Corelec in emmc 20% for Android and 80% for Coreelec?

Yes, you can use the official ceemmc tool for this on -NG devices.

Yes it can be.
With a 32GB eMMC, the 8GB droid will be 20GB for CE.
You must restore the original state.

  • login via SSH
  • restore_CE_original
  • reboot recovery
  • wipe data
  • boot from SD card
  • cp /usr/sbin/installemmcsystem /storage/
  • nano installemmcsystem
  • replace HALFSIZE with:
    HALFSIZE=$(($ SIZE /4))
  • start the installer.
  • ./installemmcsystem

Thank you very much, I just have a little problem with the translation. This also write via SSH?

  • cp /usr/sbin/installemmcsystem /storage/
  • nano installemmcsystem
  • replace HALFSIZE with:
    HALFSIZE=$(($ SIZE /4))

Yes after SSH login.