How to stay logged in on emby add-on, and not have to select user everytime I wake it up?

Hello all,

I recently (last month or so) got an ODRIOD N2+ and am direct streaming my NAS library to it with Emby.

Every time I wake it up from the screen saver, it asks for me to select a user. Is there anyway I could just stay logged in all the time?

I’ve been using both EmbyCon and Emby-next-gen add-on and haven’t made up my mind which is best, which is why I am using both, although it has always asked me to select a user when waking it up.


First post here, hope it’s the right place. I used the search bar for “Emby user” and “user select” and nothing popped up, so sorry if this is frequently asked.

Have you tried to repair your library in Emby for Kodi?

How do I do that? What needs repair?

See here, which is also where you should ask any further Emby related questions.

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