How to use MCE remote Odroid N2 without the receiver using Amremote

Is there a way to use the HP RC6 MCE remote with Amremote drivers on Odroid N2 without using the USB dongle. I am currently using it using LIRC, but it is very sluggish. I was hoping if Amremote would be better.
I could not find the remote.conf for it in the repository.

MCE remotes generally work automatically. The remote config files are built into Kodi.
As such the only thing that might need doing is enabling the IR receiver on the N2 and telling it what protocol the remote is using and it should just work. Otherwise the receiver that came with the remote should work out of the box.


It is working but it is very sluggish with meson-ir. I was hoping amremote would help solve the sluggishness.

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