Huge difference while scraping, between CE and Android

Help! where is the bottle neck?

The scraping of a full tv show takes 5 minutes on the original installed Kodi via Android 9.
The same show scraped (also from hdd) takes 25 minutes on CE
The box are X96 MAX+ 4/64 and 2/16 also a A95X RGB 2/16

There is no difference in speed having CE on the USB3 or the slow sd slot (usb 2 speed).
CE is set to performance, memory usage is around 500 MB, CPU on all 4 processors is around 5-20% with spikes up to 50%

I noticed identical behavior if I scrape direct over the net or if the box is a Beelink N3450 with win 10 (fast) and LE (slow) via USB 3 port.
The scraping on the intel is much faster than on the X96 MAX+ but that was expected.

So, any idea, where my bottle neck is?

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