Hw decoding not working, Sw decoding works OK

Can someone tell me what’s wrong with encoding of this video sample is 22min and 475 Mb
Software decoding works OK and with hardware decoding I get this:

It plays fine for me with hardware encoding. There are some brief artifacts at the beginning but from then on it’s all good.

On N2 ? Then it’s something amiss with my setup. This is the first video that my N2 doesn’t hardware decode since I bought it a year ago. And it’s a very simple video, would never expect it to have problems.

Edit: The sample I sent is different than the original video, I just tried it and it plays OK. I used Avidemux to cut 40sec sample and the saved part got “fixed” by this process.
Sorry that I didn’t check the resulted video snipet and sent a file that works OK. Replaced that sample with the original video

Don’t know how to cut a piece that will not be changed, except to send the whole file - 22 min and 475 Mb.
Here is the complete episode if anybody is willing to test and find out what is wrong with encoding: Sample1