Hyperion.NG, Amlogic improvements

Ok - I’ll report tomorrow
Zero errors - normal viewing (not non-stop like last time) - no errors in logs.
Great job!

@Portisch: Could you please post the kernel patch? I would like to implement it in mine.
Thank you.

And briefly describe what was the problem… to learn something new.

@tomasiek Please make a last test with this image.
If I did not miss anything it should not crash and log is also empty.

When the test is successful I will push the fix afterwards, sure.

ok - i started some movie remotely, few hours will work. I’ll wait 2-3 days and let you know.

All day - without any errors…

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Bad news… crash - the same…
Last version: CoreELEC (community): 19.5-Matrix_devel_20221129091038 (Amlogic-ng.arm)
About 4-5h of playing today.
On last version (from sunday 20221126214413) was ok…I will test on Sunday’s version a little longer. Maybe I was too quick to think it was okay.

Bad news :frowning:
Please run with this image, it include some more check and maybe it does not crash anymore.


Ok - I will test and report in few days.

I’m still testing, no bugs so far, but let’s wait maybe a week.

I installed your last build about an hour after you posted it and I’ve been playing video (youtube and nfs files) as much as I can over the last two days, probably over 10 hours of playtime and I haven’t hit a crash yet!

I’ll post again after some more time has passed.

I appreciate the help!

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Ok - playing these 4 days:
~8h IPTV - daily,
~2h from Disney+ - daily,
~2x 1.5h movie from Netflix
~1 movie from plex - 3h

Each with the lights on. No errors, no problems.

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@Portisch: Thank you very much for your efforts. I highly appreciate your work and the work of the rest of the team!

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@Portisch - Ok, after a few days of really intensive testing, seeing everything, through all plugins, in different resolutions, formats, etc etc - everything works.
I really admire your knowledge and skills. You are great.
When can we expect this fix in night releases?

It’s already in newest CE-19 and CE-20 nightly.

Also 2.1.4 Hyperion.NG is now released already in CE repo @Lord-Grey


Forgive for my English. I bought a LED strip 2812b and Arduino. Install firmware to ARUDUINO. Install Hyperion NG on TV box with Coreelec 20 Ne. Amlogic S905X4. And I can not activate the video capture according to USB in hyperion ng. How to be?

No, you don’t need to enable USB video grabber. You need to enable your Arduino as like adalight LED hardware.

And enable the inbuilt video Amlogic grabber:

Here is more help:

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Hi, can someone update to the latest version? The repo has V2.0.14 available is V2.0.15 at Release Hyperion 2.0.15 · hyperion-project/hyperion.ng · GitHub

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence - but today for the first time since those events there was a suspension again - unfortunately I don’t have the logs anymore. I will be watching.