Hyperion.ng leaves LED's on when shutting down

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Moving to CoreElec from LibreElec (Odroid C2) and I’ve setup Hyperion.ng, all working, except for when I shutdown the LED’s are just left in whatever state they are currently in.

I was going to chuck “/storage/.kodi/addons/service.hyperion.ng/bin/hyperion-remote --brightness 0” into shutdown.sh but I’m guessing that this is running after the network goes down so the hyperion-remote command is failing.

This post looks promising, vpeter added a service to run another shutdown script before the networking goes down, but its not working on CE, maybe there is some difference that stops it working exactly as it does on LE - the new shutdown script does execute but still looks like its running post the networking going down :frowning:

Any ideas how I can get the LED’s off when CoreElec shuts down? or maybe amend this new shutdown service to work correctly in CE?

have you resolved this issue? I have exactly the same.

edit: It works when I power off from Kodi menu, but not when box is switched off after inactivity

Then turn off the LED further via the CoreELEC menu. :man_facepalming:

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