HyperionNG 9.2.101


I´m looking for the Hyperion NG Addon version 9.2.101! Because it seems like the proto server is not working correctly in Version 9.2.103! I´m not able to forward video data from my mecool box with everything up to date like CoreElec and HyperionNG addon to my HyperionNG Server on a Rpi! Someone else had the same problem with 9.2.103 he rolled everything back to 9.2.101 and everything worked fine again! in the CoreElec repo there is no more option to chose the version like a few days before for HyperionNG now only the newest version 9.2.103 is available so could someone please upload the older version!

Thank you

Please try:

but i never used the android app i don´t have any android gadgets except the mecool ki pro box but i only use it with coreelec so i only want to send the video data from my mecool box running coreelec to an Rpi 3 running hyperion under libreelec! for what do i need the android app?

Check the priority of your client.

so after spending some time on this problem at this time i can say that with the android app on fire tv you are right the priority must be set between 100 and 199 then it works fine!

but on my mecool ki pro still the same problem no forwarding to the server with 9.2.103!

so please if you or someone else in this forum could upload the older Hyperion NG addon version 9.2.101 i just want to give it a try!

Thank you

There are many more issues with v103. One of the biggest problems with it is that hyperion control addon is not working with it no matter what I try (reinstall blabla).

I still have v101 so download it from here if you need it:

thank you!!!

downloaded, installed, configured and everything is working fine
thank you dude!

Hyperion Control is working:

Feel free to go to Hyperion.NG forum and ask for help there.

I read all those forum posts already and they don’t work for me. But it’s not the only reason why I’m not using 103. For some reason forwarding to a different instance doesn’t work either. With 101 it does. At least for me.

Also, @Portisch any news on a new hyperion.ng version for coreelec? I would really like the latest alpha 6.

I currently awaiting a PR about essential RS232 changes (maybe in ~2 weeks). After this I will bump Hyperion.NG package to latest alpha.

Thank you so much. Can’t wait ;p

I know that not everyone can program but everyone can contribute a little. :upside_down_face:

I am dutch. I’ll fill some fields.

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Heyy, It’s been a while… Any news on the newest alpha for the kodi addon?

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