I cannot change default audio device

After each reboot audio device returns to “ALSA: AML-AUGESOUND, HDMI Multi Ch PCM” and I want to stay on “ALSA: AML-AUGESOUND, HDMI” because I do not have multichannels and the sound is very bad. After each reboot must make changes in the audio output device. How could I make the default “ALSA: AML-AUGESOUND, HDMI” remain default?
I have a H96 MAX X2, coreelec nightly, tv lg uf7787.


It should work just fine, make sure that you set channel number to 2.0.

yes, it is 2.0. I noticed the problem a few weeks ago, probably after introducing HDMI Multi Ch PCM to audio devices, I’m not sure

Do you have more than one user profile defined in Kodi? I can’t reproduce this issue, but I never created any extra profiles.

no, I didn’t create another profile. sound is fizzle. I do not know if the term is correct, English is not my native language

My default profile is now set to Pulseaudio. After reboot I have to change it to HDMI

The problem I managed to solve it only by fresh install of nightly.