I don't want to say this here!

I just wanted to make a suggestion, but I cannot figure out how to write to any admin. The pages showing their names only offer to read about their activities, not make contact. Can one of you reach out please (hopefully with patience for the new guy)?

Make your suggestion here, as all CE developers read these posts.
Private messages are generally not allowed…

You may flag your own post (“other reason”), to ring admin bell:
Hopefully this is not considered as abuse…

Oh, okay. Would it be possible in the future to let new people send a direct message to forum members while awaiting authorization to post replies? I am assuming, possibly incorrectly, that I could not message a guy who has the same box as I do because of my newness. Ah, or because the thread was closed maybe? If it was because the thread was closed then I really would have no way to ask him a question.