Ignore downloaded packages checksum when compile

Is it possible to skip the downloaded packages checksum when compiling CE?
Some of them (like device trees) have a different checksum than what it is set in Package.mk (i.e. device tree) also in clean tag 8.95.0

AFAICT, this means the provided package doesn’t match with the one on the Package.mk. You should tell the Package.mk maintainer about this issue.

The fact is that it is wrong to check the sha256 of a gz file from github. This because github continuously optimize the binary files, so it can happen that they recompress the files. If you specify a git sha it must be enough to make sure you are selecting the version you want

Every time when the owner of a github repo commits a change, there will be a new commit hash key. The commit hash key in Package.mk can be used to retrieve the corresponding commit.

@Menion I have fixed the incorrect checksums now, sometimes GitHub does changes on the backend and we have to update the checksums because of it.

In the future please can you provide a log as it would help get issues like this resolved much faster.

@anon88919003 I suggest that you just remove the sha256 checksum or make it optional. Selecting github (or other storage) item by commit should be enough. In the end if the downloaded package (compressed) is corrupted it won’t decompress and you know the issue :wink:

That’s not a solution, the checksum is there for a reason if it doesn’t match then it will re-download until it does ie if the connection breaks.

Removing the checksum and then having a package fail to extract will result in the build process stopping.

Ok, but also checksum changed on Github gzip engine stops the build
Is a matter of pro and cons I think
Anyhow a flag like: CHECK_SHA256=n could help

The checksums did not change, it was a problem with the package revisions, 99% of them are mirrored to LE archive, so if GH fails it has a fallback, it was only 2 packages that failed.