Im missing the .restore folder

Hi there,

I just switched to Matrix and I have a little addon that like to use for restores.
On Leia it downloads the backup and places it in the storage/.restore folder and when I reboot it automatically does the restore.
I see that folder is now gone. Anyway to bring it back or point it to another folder to do the automatic restore?

Create it manually?

so I created it manually

storage/.restore just like there was in Leia.

I created a very small test backup with only 1 addon in matrix.
I copied the backup to the storage/.restore folder and rebooted.
Problem is now its stuck in a boot loop. Tried twice just to make sure.

I’m also wondering if there is a line of code that I can type to bring up the restore selection window, as in CE settings “Restore from Backup”

Can someone explain to me exactly how the restore ADDON works.
The way I understand it is this.

If you select restore from backup gives you the option of where the backup is for example a USB.
Then a folder is created in storage/.restore/ ?
The file is copied to that folder then it asks you if you want to reboot and if you say no it deletes the storage/.restore/ folder?

I figured it out regarding the boot loop. I was not naming the file with 14 digits .tar. When I did it all worked out.

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