Imputstream Adaptive Update on Coreelec 9.2.1


Inputstream Adaptive new updates came (2.4.4 for example) and I can’t see those in “Coreelec Add-on Repo” under “VideoPlayer InputStream”. Still 2.3.14 available.

As “Disney+” Kodi Add-on came out (and needs 2.4.4 or above), I wondered when this would be available for update or if someone could manually update it on the server.

Many thanks from confined France.

Take care !

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+1 from me.

More information on the Disney+ add-on is here

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You can’t see it because it hasn’t been updated in our repository, the add-ons are not updated automatically as we have to manually update and build them.

Understood, thanks for your reply.
When do you think it will be done ? (if you plan to do it…)

Thanks !

I’ve already done it, they will be in the nightly repository within the next few hours.


Thanks @anon88919003

When you say “nightly repository”, you mean it will be in the repo soon or in a repo from a “Nightly build” ?

Sorry if I misunderstood, my english is quite good but I I miss some nuances of language…


I installed to nightly 20200409 on both S905X2 (NG) and S912 boxes.

Then tested Youtube.

The S905X2 was all fine but the S912 would not play anything above 720p.
Selecting anything higher resulted in no action, with no errors displayed.
Downgraded to and 1080p/4K play fine again.

Finally installed to official 9.2.1 on S905X2
I have this issue on Disney+ add-on


Found a solution !!

Uninstalled Disney+ add-on, installed Inputstream Adaptive then reinstalled Disney+ and it works (on Coreelec 9.2.1).

On another hand, Is there any possibility to auto select audio language ?

Because all videos comes in Danish or German, even after selecting “French to all media” in Kodi settings.

Thanks for your help.

How have you updated inputstream?

To me on N2 9.2.1 after reboot -> new update was offered.
If not, go to Addons -> VideoPlayer InputStream -> long press on InpuStream Adaptive -> Information -> Update (to

Thanks. But not for me. Only can install of to version…

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I don’t offer an update either

@sanangel and @catshome then download it from here and install it as a .zip file.
All recent versions are found here.


Thanks!!! Working for me!!!