Inca it-an30 USB Analog Tuner, does it work?



I got one USB Analog Tuner, can I use it in CoreElec?
So, does it work?

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There is no way of telling till you try.

List of (possibly) compatible devices

Setup TV Headend

Good luck.

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Is analogue TV available still? Most countries have switched to digital TV.

There are still stations that broadcast analogue OTA, mostly in rural areas. Usually these broadcasters received an exemption from the local authorities.

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What countries? Unless the OP has analogue TV broadcast available, the search for suitable drivers for the device on CoreELEC is pretty pointless.

Google is your friend.

If there are only digital broadcasts, a DAC can be used.

There is no “search for suitable drivers”. The drivers are either included in the kernel or not, meaning it either it works, or it doesn’t. Like I stated in an earlier post: there is no way of telling till you try. DVB kernel options are: CoreElec, Linux or Crazycat.

I searched before I answered the OP. Analogue TV is basically “dead” wherever there is a mobile network as the broadcasting bands were cleared (restricted) to allow 3G and 4G mobile. Unless the OP definitely has analogue TV available in his reception area it is pointless trying to get that dongle working. A DAC is not going to help. Plenty of cheap, supported DVB-T/T2 USB dongles available.

I believe this is starting to exceed the scope of the OP’s questions. Closing topic.

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