Install CoreELEC 19.0 to eMMC KI Pro (Amlogic S905D)

I am trying to install CoreELEC 19.0 (or CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.0-Matrix_nightly_20210305.tar) to internal eMMC. TV Box KI Pro (Amlogic S905D).
Previous versions of the CE were installed to eMMC KI Pro
Box is re-flashed with native firmware and made - Reset Factory.
After loading CE with SD Kodi stopped - systemctl stop kodi.
dmesg before run ceemmc -
ceemmc -vx -
But – “mount: mounting /dev/loop3 on /media/CE_STORAGE failed: Invalid argument”
After loading CE with emmc –

Part dmesg –

Anyone managed to run CE 19 on eMMC KI Pro? Or knows a solution? Thanks!

Your device firmware does not have a DTB partition. At least I don’t see it. So the data is lost on single install. Maybe dual boot is working.

And your dmesg shows a kernel oops about hdmi and meson_secmon_init. No idea. Maybe you try first a newer (minimum Android 7) device firmware.

Firmware was already version 7.1.1 Android.
Dual boot is working from emmc !
Can I create DTB partition?

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