Installation on Mecool KM9 Pro

Hi, I am pretty new to CoreELEC and planning to get it running on Mecool KM9 Pro 4/32 GB (Google certified ATV) for the first time. While I understand the basic installation steps and reboot using toothpick in AV port method, I needed some clarity on the below questions from experienced folks in the forum

  1. If I leave the micro SD card in the device does every power on or reboot will boot into CoreELEC without pressing the reset button?
  2. If answer to Q1 is no, is it required to press reset button every time or any other alternate and easy method to ‘reboot update’?
  3. KM9 Pro has bluetooth voice enabled remote. Will it be automatically picked up or can be paired in the first boot?
  4. I read in the forums that OK button is not detected for this model, anyone has found a workaround for that?

I installed CE on the same model recently, though it is the 2/16Gb version.

  1. Yes, boots into CE every time

  2. see 1

  3. No, it will use IR mode for CE. You need to configure CE to use IR:
    SSH into box and run

    echo “meson-ir * mecool” > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg

  4. No problem here. OK button works (at least when using meson-ir)

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One more thing: to be able to restart our box after shutdown with the supplied remote you need to use the BL301 inject feature.
The code you need to add/change in config.ini should be:


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Thanks for the replies! When you say it will use IR mode for CE, the same voice remote that came with the box works in IR mode, right? Or you mean we need a separate IR remote?
Also to SSH to the box where I can get the IP/port or hostname, because I guess I need to run the echo command first before being able to use the remote to navigate the screens to get the device IP from any of the screens (like system info)

If you have a Google Certified ATV firmware box ??
Won’t work.
Locked Bootloader.

@kostaman: No problem here with “MECOOL KM9 Pro Classic Google Certificated”. I think “certified” just means Widevine L1
@rakeshchn: Yes same remote. It automatically switches between IR and Bluetooth. For first time installation I always use a wireless keyboard with USB receiver. Alternatively you can search your router or DHCP-server for the corresponding IP. Hostname should be “CoreELEC”.

Well both of you seems to have valid points and i guess only way to find out is try CE. Google certified is not only Widevine L1, KM9 Pro also has chromecast built in which works really well as well Microsoft playready DRM. Also regularly gets all Google updates and the latest renewed ATV play store. KM9 Pro along with KM3 are listed in Googles official list of certified devices. Does the KM9 Pro classic work in same way?

Actually I did not even try Android on my KM9 but Gearbest lists the same features you mentioned for my KM9 Pro classic, so the only obvious difference I can see is memory.
So just give it a try…

Can confirm that the KM9 Pro booatloader is not locked (and Coreelec installs easily).
Ive got the classic (2/16 device) and just used the Generic 905X2 bin.
Am just using the box as a FTA TV recorder using TVH Server via a PS3 PlayTV with a 64GB U3 SDXC

The latest Mecool remote - this one ( didn’t work out of the Box with Meson, so I just used a wired mouse for setup, and then my old Tanix remote (via a remote.conf file — to be honest this is much easier for newbies - just dump the file on the SD after burning the image)

Actually think this remote.conf file should work for the remote

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You have a FAKE Gearbest Schonk Hacked Firmware Box.
You do not have a Google Certified Box.

:slight_smile: Looks like the best of both worlds right? Anyway planning to trying CE today and I will confirm it it worked.

@moa999 So just copy the remote.conf file to root of SD card after burning the image and it should work right?

Whatever you say.

The shonks have drastically improved the quality of their Android skins then.
I mean it looks like Android TV 9, it acts a a Chromecast receiver like Android TV, and it installs TV only apps.

If you search “KM9 Pro” you will see multiple threads of people installing CE. Can’t all be shonk devices .

Correct. Haven’t tried it. My box is now tucked away just running server.

They are not KM9 Pro’s
They must be 2/16 Versions which are not Google Certified Android TV models.
Another Gearbest false shonk advertising.
The KM9 Pro specs with certification specs are HERE
Full list of all Google Certified Devices are HERE

Manufacturer says differently: HERE

But anyway, it works perfectly well with CE and that is why I bought it. Pretty decent for a sub 40€ device. I never used Android on any of my boxes, so I couldn’t care less whether it is certified or not.

Okay guys, I got CoreELEC running on KM9 Pro 4/32 GB version with the standard installation steps and it really went smooth. Boot up and everything works perfectly. With the remote conf file from @moa999 remote is working okay, except you dont have long press of ok button that brings context menu, as well as long press of arrow keys won’t work for continuous scrolling of long lists. I didn’t have to do the BL301 Inject for remote power button for shutdown and start, it is working as expected. Thanks to @stm @moa999 @kostaman for dropping by and giving valuable help. So the Mecool google “certificated” boxes seem a good deal for those who want decent ATV experience with chromecast, play store, Widevine and Playready DRM (Amazon prime works in 1080p) etc. and at the same time allowing dual boot to CoreELEC. Only problem is no root access in Android.

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Does CE support bluetooth remote, i mean is it possible to pair the mecool voice remote in Bluetooth mode instead of IR mode? I put the remote in discovery mode pressing ok and vol down buttons and went to Bluetooth screen of CE but nothing shows up for pairing.

@rakeshchn Is your KM9 running Android 9 ???

@kostaman Yes its running Android 9.

Well that’s great news.
There’s 47 pages of Mecool KM9 discussions at Freaktab regarding the Mecool KM9 versions.
They’re mostly 8.1 versions with no Google Certification.
Your box is the First Google Certified box I’ve heard of that boots an OS from SD Card.
Thank’s for feedback.

I think this may be correct as Mecool KM9 2/16 may not be updated in the list.
All these Mecool KM9 versions that are Google Certified are an updated version which were supplied with Android 9 .
All other versions using Oreo seem to be non Certified by Google.
All this comes from my reading up on Freaktab users.
Mass confusion.