Intermittent Crashes

Hi all,

N2, CE 9.2.1, TvH Client & Server.

I’m getting intermittent crashing of Kodi, sometimes several times a day, sometimes every couple of days. There is no pattern to the frequency that I can see, the only thing that is consistent is that it happens when the N2 is idle, not doing anything.

I cannot make much sense of the debug log and was hoping someone could tell me what the likely cause is for the crash.

Here is the crash log.



Do you by any chance have the CoreElec HW monitor installed?

Looking at your crash log and situation, I had the same kind of thing happen recently with my S905X2 and after switching between nightlies, stable and restoring recent backups, I eventually traced things back to the last major change that I made, which was to install the CoreElec HW monitor.

I uninstalled it and I haven’t had an issue since.

Unfortunately not, that would have been an easy fix.

No more ideas anyone?



Try the latest nightly. My N2 runs great with it.