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I tried reading up on HEVC codec mappings but apart from some reference to how the matroska container handles certain formats and reference to colour mappings in the HEVC 2 specification, it tended to be the equivalent of rocket science to me, so would be interested to know what it means in more simplistic terms.

The above is the official Matroska implementation of storing Dolby Vision data in mkv files. Within the next month or so, those with Dolby Vision hardware could be playing mkv files with Dolby Vision :slight_smile:.

It was already possible using a different method. In April this year Mike (creator of MakeMKV) released a version of MakeMKV that stored Dolby Vision data in mkv files (for testing purposes), and yusesope released a modified version of ExoPlayer that successfully triggered Dolby Vision playback in mkv files.

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Thanks for the clarification.

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