Is it possible to have dual boot for CoreELEC and EmuELEC?

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I got a X96 Max 4g / 32g with two operating systems CoreELEC and EmuELEC installed on two TF cards respectively. I have to switch between those two systems by changing the card from the time to time. This is not ideal but fair enough for the time being. However, I am also worried about the possibility of having a bad contact after switching cards many time. Therefore, I am thinking if it is feasible to have both of them on one card so I can choose the OS to boot or switch to another from one OS. Has anyone tried such an approach before? Any recommendation is highly appreciated!

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I don’t know such a way. SD card reader are normally certificated for +10k in/out moves of a media.
So if you’re carefully I think you will never break it.

What you want can only be done by installing one of the operating systems in the internal memory, and the other on the microSD card.

Installing CoreELEC in internal memory may have problems. Today I tested on a bad device and the first time it has not started, I have tested the installation a second time, and it has started with errors, I have let CoreELEC repair the errors, and finally I have updated CoreELEC (already installed in the internal memory ) to the same installed version. Now everything works fine.

Keep in mind that the operating system installed in the microSD will always boot first.

If you use a USB hard drive connected at boot, then the operating system installed in the internal memory will boot, the operating system installed in the microSD will be inaccessible.

Thanks, probably you are right…

thanks a lot for the suggestion, yeah, I wanted to do this at the beginning, but I never found some guidelines to install coreelec to internal storage. I simply cannot find the installtointernal script suggested by everyone…

From SSH type: installtointernal

@cubimol, your command only for old devices…

You’re right, I forgot to say that all my devices are S912