Is it possible to use the kernel 3.16?

Hi, I have a doubt it would be possible to update the kernel to version 3.16 lts? For example, the odroid c2 can move kernel 3.16 without problem, so it is counted in this post.

No we use the kernel from the Amlogic build root, we are staying with 3.14 until mainline is ready, it’s not worth the effort to change for such a minor bump.

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Ok thank, we will wait for the mainline. Speaking of the mainline I found this( ) , I leave it here for help.

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How about 4.9 ? amlogic recently released oreo kernel and khadas and osmc are already working on it


We tried the Oreo kernel some time ago and it didn’t run as well as the 3.14 kernel did, kszaq and JohnGalt did a lot of work on the 3.14 kernel to get it to where it is today and none of that work is present in the Oreo kernel.

In my eyes any time spent on the kernel is wasted, after Kodi 18 final is released the Kodi team will be removing all of the amcodec work arounds that enable Kodi to work on our hardware today, at this point we will then focus on the mainline kernel so we can continue to use Kodi on our hardware.

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Gotcha :cowboy_hat_face:
Thanks for clarifying

Sorry for bringing up this thread, buy I wanted to ask if its possible for someone to add modules to the coreelec kernel ? I’m trying to set up an IPsec VPN server on my s912 device but there’s a command that needs to be run : modprobe af_key , which does not work . I’m guessing its a missing kernel module?

It will be included on the next build

oh man i cant tell you how happy that makes me. I’ve been pulling my hair out for past 3 days over this. Thankyou!