Issue playing files with EIA_608 subtitle track

There’s some frame stuttering (sound is not affected) on files that have an embedded EIA_608 subtitle track (closed captions). Most of the time it’s like it goes back to a frame from half a second earlier and then back. Other times I get some other playback problems. It’s always files that have those captions. It’s not the files as they work perfectly in Plex for example. It took me quite a while to figure out what those files had in common until I stumbled onto that subtitle track. It makes no difference whether subtitles are on or off or whether another subtitle track is used.

Needless to say it’s pretty inconvenient since you can’t really choose whether that caption is included or not and it’s a bit of a pain to take it out of all my files. I have to resort to playing those files in Plex on my TV rather than my Minix NEO U9-h. This has been happening since the very first versions with CoreElec I tested, which were at Kodi 18.0.

Have you tried to disable dirty_regions in advancedsettings.xml ?

> <advancedsettings>
>   <gui>
>     <algorithmdirtyregions>0</algorithmdirtyregions>
>   </gui>
> </advancedsettings>

Unfortunately that did nothing. I can’t believe I’m the only one with this issue. I also tried with smartdraw and that was also a no go. The stutter is really noticeable.

I should mention that it only happens in the CoreELEC build. On my windows machine the files play perfectly and I don’t remember having this issue when I was running LibreELEC on the Minix box.