Issue with 9.2.6 and on odroid c2

With version 9.2.6, catchuptvandmore and IPTV Simple Client on ODROID C2, I have a problem that I did not have with version 9.2.5. Indeed, the image of the channels is not displayed in high resolution and pixelized. The resolution seems to stay at 240 lines. So I prefer to use the previous version. This hapens only in live mode (it works fine in replay mode).

Please upload full logs for both 9.2.5 and 9.2.6 versions after channel start has just change its way to access live channels. Nothing is working right now. I have debug logs as files but I can not upload files in the forum. I have to wait for a catchuptvandmore patch to get the requested logs.

If you follow instruction them you receive a link that you could post here.
Or you can upload them on for example

I have uploaded then with

And the link?

Latest nightly build should fix your issue.

Hi !
Yes it solves the issue :+1:
Do you think to release a stable version with this patch ?

Yes, it will be in 9.2.7. May be soon.

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