Issues with N2, just restarts within seconds from start

Yeah, as the topic explains, my N2 has for some reason starting to reboot CE after a couple of seconds after I enter CE. I suspect that it has something to do with my SQL-db that I have been using and that it for some reason is corrupted. After some attempts, I am redirected to Safe Mode.

For the sake of it, I uploaded a logfile via stock Kodi plugin (Kodi log file uploader):

Please let me know if you spot anything interesting.

Thanks in advance

Your logs don’t give much away but there is an issue with inputstream.adaptive. You can try remove it and see if it helps.

No, I had a look on it also but didn’t see that much. I was able to get a crash report also:

I am a bit puzzled, I have not done any changes in CE the past 6 months, everything has been working fine until now, from one day to another.

Would be possible to upload m3u8 playlist too? You can edit it and remove real addresses for the channels.

Thanks vpeter, that m3u is dead so no real harm done.

Noticed on row 1135 in the crash report:

2020-04-14 11:31:29.935 T:3917476736   ERROR: NFS: Failed to mount nfs share: /volume1/Media (nfs_service failed)

Yes. But then also

LoadPlayList PlayList Loaded - 128571 (ms)

From where was it loaded? Maybe share was available little later and process continue.

Ok, I think the issue is not pvr addon but vfs.rar. You can see multiple crashes in it regarding strlen.

Do you have lot of .rar files? Could you move it on NAS so Kodi would not see them? And then try to find problematic one.

Ah okay!
Yes, I have a bunch of RARs but only on a NAS. What exactly is vfs.rar, is it connected to RAR support?

vfs.rar is addon to expose rar files as filesystem. It extract RAR archives or allows direct playback stored files in RAR archives.

Could you move those rar files on NAS so Kodi would not see them? And then try to find problematic one. Seems at least one file is problematic.

Just move half of the files and check if problem still persist. And then move half from that and so on.

Thanks! I will have a go!
Did you see a specific file folder that caused the issue?

Do you have space issue (no more space somewhere) because of this

Not enough diskSpace with 0 MB for file ............

Not sure if this is some real output or just code.

That is strange, I have a lot of space! Need to check on that…

I have a lot of disk space, several Tb. But may it be referring to the storage on the N2?