Issues with SMB1

Hi guys. I am suffering from a smb issue. Smb1 is not supported from a certain Kodi release, right? I am running CE 8.95.6 on my Minix, but I can’t access my media on a win10 computer. Previously I have solved this by just not updating Libreelec (that I used on my HTPC).

I noticed that I can allow SMB1 in CE (under Coreelec -> Services), but that does not really solve it. I will install Xpenology in a couple of weeks, which will erase the problem in the future, but do anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this short term?

I would strongly suggest not using smb1 on any system. There’s a very good reason its depricated.

I would set any system to use at least smb 2/3 or use nfs if possible

Hi Atreyu!
Yes, I couldn’t agree more. And as I stated, this will be done when I start using Xpenology. But I do need a temporary solution before that installation is in place. But I guess I need to go via plexkodiconnect in that case. Not at all a good workaround, so that is why I asked if there are a temporary solution on the smb1-issue. My family will not accept that media library will go down for a week with the “promise” that it will probably me solved soon. :slight_smile: