Jerky playback of movies - but only when played through library?

How do I explain this. I have a movie folder and a TV folder on my NAS. All my TV shows play perfectly but my movie playback is very jerky. The type of file makes no difference. I have the same formats in my TV shows and they work fine. The kicker is though when I go into the actual file by navigating through the NAS and finding the movie I want to watch, the playback is perfect. If I then find that same movie via the Movie menu the playback is jerky. I’m guessing something has been corrupted somewhere along the line Anyone got any ideas?

I am using CoreElec 9.2.2 (Kodi v18.6) on an ODroid N2, with my video libraries stored on a NAS connected by ethernet and running the Amber Skin. I have tried changing to the Estuary skin but get the exact same results.

Anyone have any ideas?


maybe it’s continuously scanning the library.

yeh perhaps… how could I test this?

you can disable scanning during scanning. Just look at the menu on the left (popup menu). You can also try latest nightly. It’s got newer version of kodi.