Just Enough Operating System other uses


CoreElec and others use Jeos for Kodi, but could older CoreElec Jeos etc be used to save older devices from e-waste? Use the Jeos base to make offline ( old kernel exploit risk ) office machine, libreoffice style. Using wifi or router to printer, storage. Or Jeos to Educate, again offline for location and countries with no to limited internet. Yes there is RPI etc and paid for JEOS Suse. I am suggesting re-using e-waste TV boxes. Does a group already do this ?

I know there is TinyCore Linux.

Sadly i am no engineer or software person, just a out the box thinker.

The “older” devices CoreELEC supported, the legacy ones, can still be very capable media centers, depending on the uses. We, as a Team, ended their support but you have here a strong community that can help in every step of the way. Also, if you use the search function of the forum, you can find other uses that go beyond the mere media center aspect. Of course this is only for devices that were or are supported by CoreELEC. But for the others, google is your friend. If it lights up, there’s always some use for a device like this.

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