KEY_C on remote configuration doesn't work in 8.90.2

Hi all… on 8.90.2 I put in my remote configuration file, the KEY_C value in a button to simulate the “C” key of keyboard to see the channel list on live TV (by PVR.IPTVSIMPLE addon).
Now, after 8.90.2 update, nothing happen after press key, but the list of channel appear if I press the “C” key on my keyboard. How can I solve? Thanks

Your remote works in remote mode
You can assign action on any remote button or switch remote to keyboard mode
See examples in X92 example

Uhmmm… ok… I will try. So this is a new feature of 8.90.2 version?

No, in 8.90.1 remote mode was broken and keyboard mode was by default

Oh ok! Understand now. :wink: Thanks